Security Policy

Last Updated July 16, 2023

This security notice discloses the security practices for Servicetide LLC. This security notice applies solely to information collected and stored by this website.

Security Measures

Servicetide LLC employs many security measures to ensure your data is kept safe. Due to the nature of online security, Servicetide LLC does not publish all the security measures taken so as to avoid targeted cyber-attacks, but many of the security measures are listed below:

  • All data transmitted to/from Servicetide is encrypted via HTTPS.
  • Credit card data is handled exclusively by our merchant processing partners, who undergo rigorous security measures to ensure the safety and security of the data. No credit card data is ever submitted directly to Servicetide nor stored on Servicetide's servers.
  • All data stored on Servicetide's servers is encrypted-at-rest, which means that even if someone were to gain access to the files, they wouldn't be able to read them without the applicable decryption key.
  • Servicetide uses a multi-tenant multi-database architecture, which means that each of our clients' data is stored in a completely separate and isolated database.
  • All servers are proxied behind a 3rd party cybersecurity and content delivery network, such as Cloudfront, Fastly, Netlify, or Cloudflare, to help speed up the application and avoid cyber-attacks.
  • Servicetide is only available within the United States. All other countries are automatically blocked based on their IP address.

If you feel that we are not abiding by this security policy, you should contact us immediately.

Servicetide LLC
Attn: Security Agent
Phone: 801-938-8590
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